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I have the following code to initialize the Ajax Upload settings in my js:

 new AjaxUpload($('.btnAdjuntar'), {
    action: '/_layouts/Company.PortalFFVV.SharePoint.WebParts/Handlers/UploadFile.ashx',
    onSubmit: function (file, ext) {
        if (!(ext && /^(jpg)|(png)|(gif)|(pdf)|(txt)|(avi)$/i.test(ext))) {
            showPopup('Solo se permite archivos de tipo images, audio , video , PDF y text. (Extensiones permitidas: jpg, png, gif, pdf, txt, avi).');
            return false;
        this.setData({ 'accion': 'A', 'fileName': AdminArchivoExterno.filename, 'maxFileSize': DatosConsultaSession.TamanioAdjuntoMailing })
        showNofication("Espere un momento mientras se carga el archivo seleccionado...", "btnAdjuntar");
    onComplete: function (file, response) {
        removeNofication(strStickyNotificationID, classButtonNotificaction);
        var resultado = new Array();
        resultado = response.split("%#%");

        if (resultado[0] == "True") {
        else {
            AdminArchivoExterno.filename = "";
            return false;
        CantidadAdjuntos = resultado[3];


So the problem is that when I click the attach file button ('.btnAdjuntar') nothing happens. But it works fine in IE and Chrome.

The Attach button file is in a jquery modal.

I'm working with web parts (the js belongs to a web part) which are placed in a sharepoint page (im using vs 2012).

If you guys need more info, let me know. Thanks

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Any console errors? Make sure the button element is loaded before constructing the AjaxUpload object. – pierdevara Jan 22 '13 at 23:39
Nope, there are no console errors and the constructor is in the Document.Ready function – Morgan Soren Jan 23 '13 at 16:21
I'm having exactly the same issue. Firefox, AjaxUpload in a Modal Dialog. button not responding. No errors in console. Super weird – Spock Jul 8 '13 at 9:51
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Ajaxupload creates a div and then the input file control inside it. The z-index that it sets for the div is somehow too high for Firefox. Find the _createInput function in the plugin where it sets the z-index for the div. Change it to a lower value and retry. The number that worked for me was 2147483

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That's it!! Worked perfectly! Thank you – Spock Jul 8 '13 at 12:32

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