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One strange attribute of T-SQL's OPENROWSET() function is that it cannot accept parameters within the 'query' which it executes remotely. In order to get around this I guess you have to create a long string containing the OPENROWSET calls and the parametrized query.

Given this limitation, I'm trying to get this piece of code to work:

Declare @DataId int
Declare @RecordType varchar(50)
Declare @Filter varchar(50)

 -- ...

    @RecordType = recordType,
    @DataId = DataId
                'SELECT recordType, DataId FROM MyDb..data_lookup
                 WHERE Filter = ''' + @Filter+'''')

This throws an error

Incorrect syntax near '+'

Right now, which makes sense given the restriction on OPENROWSET. But if I convert this to SQL string, won't I lose the ability to set @RecordType and @DataId from the results of the query?

Is there any syntactic sugar I can sprinkle on this to get around the restriction and make this work the way I want it to?

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Here's some examples of building a string dynamically:

You could insert into a table variable first, and then pull your values from there.

DECLARE @t TABLE (DataID int, RecordType varchar(50))
exec sp_executeSQL N'your OPENROWSERT query'

SELECT TOP 1 @DataID = DataID, @RecordType = RecordType
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Thanks to @Stuart, here is the code that I finally went with:

Declare @DataId int
Declare @RecordType varchar(50)
Declare @Filter varchar(50)

Declare @query nvarchar(4000)
 -- ...

select @query = N'select top 1 recordType, DataId
                 from openrowset(''SQLNCLI'', 
                                 ''SELECT recordType, DataId from MyDb..data_lookup
                                  where Filter = ''''' + @Filter+''''''')'
declare @t TABLE (recordType varchar(2), DataId int)

insert into @t
exec sp_executeSQL @Query

select top 1 @RecordType = recordType, @DataId = DataId
from @t
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