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I have grades from 1 to 5 where 1 is the best and 5 is the worst(But not just integral numbers like 1, also 1.14 and so on). I want to calculate how many stars each grade would be(5 stars would be the best, 1 star the worst - 3 would stay 3 of course - but the rest?) I googled to get the result but I'm not finding anything helpful. Maybe I'm missing the forest for the trees, I don't know. Basically it would be the reverse number I guess? I want to do that in PHP.

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Pretty straightforward I would think:

$new_grade = 6 - $old_grade;

Or for a more generic solution:

$new_grade = $grade_max + $grade_min - $old_grade;
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Star = 6 - Grade


5 → 1  
4 → 2  
3 → 3  
2 → 4   
1 → 5  
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