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I created a image loop by using jquery and it works fine. Here is my code.

    $('#image1').show('slide', {direction: 'right'}, 500);
    $('#image1').delay(2000).hide('slide', {direction: 'left'}, 500);
    var sc = $('#image img').size();
    var count = 2;
        $('#image'+count).show('slide', {direction: 'right'}, 500);
        $('#image'+count).delay(2000).hide('slide', {direction: 'left'}, 500);
        if(count == sc){
            count = 1;
            count = count + 1;
    }, 3000);

        var name = $(this).attr('id');
        name = name.replace('name', '');
        count = name;

Here is the html code.

                    <div id="image">
                        <img class="images" id="image1" alt="Image loop" src="image1.jpg" width="550px" height="400px"/>
                        <img class="images" id="image2" alt="Image loop" src="image2.jpg" width="550px" height="400px"/>
                        <img class="images" id="image3" alt="Image loop" src="image3.jpg" width="550px" height="400px"/>
                        <img class="images" id="image4" alt="Image loop" src="image4.jpg" width="550px" height="400px"/>
                        <img class="images" id="image5" alt="Image loop" src="image5.jpg" width="550px" height="400px"/>
                    <div id="name">
                        <div class="name" id="name1">
                            <img src="image1.jpg" width="80px" height="80px"/>
                        <div class="name" id="name2">
                            <img src="image2.jpg" width="80px" height="80px"/>
                        <div class="name" id="name3">
                            <img src="image3.jpg" width="80px" height="80px"/>
                        <div class="name" id="name4">
                            <img src="image4.jpg" width="80px" height="80px"/>
                        <div class="name" id="name5">
                            <img src="image5.jpg" width="80px" height="80px"/>

The css controls the name sets to the right. My idea is, click the small image on the right to immediately switch the image which user choose. enter image description here It seems working a little bit. The setInterval is still runing and the loop is ruined. How can I deal with this properly? Here is the jsfiddle link. Thanks!

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The problem occurs because you change the type of count from a number to a string inside your click handler - when you assign name to count. I've edited your code to include parseInt.

    var name = $(this).attr('id');
    name = name.replace('name', '');
    count = parseInt(name, 10);  
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thx man, i will remember that :) –  nich Jan 24 '13 at 13:27

You can stop setInterval from running with clearInterval. Specifically, you need to call it on the return value of setInterval.

var interval = setInterval(...

EDIT: this doesn't apply directly to your problem. What you can do is just create a separate function that does the callback to setInterval. Then, also call that function as part of the callback to the click event. Whether you want to clear the interval or not (halt the animation) is up to you.

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I did a clearInterval when I click the small image and the loop stopped. After clearInterval I called setInterval again immediately, but it does not work :( –  nich Jan 23 '13 at 0:35

Here's a simple working example

var interval;
var times;

function doSomething() {
    if (times == 100) {
        // Unset the interval:
    } else {

// Initialize interval:
interval = setInterval(doSomething, 1000);
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