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on my Debian wheezy with SBCL:

1) Alsaplayer play a CD audio: * (run-program "/usr/bin/alsaplayer" '("-q" "CD.cdda") :wait nil)


2) ps tells me that the audio CD plays: (EXITED 0) * (run-program "/bin/ps" '("-C" "alsaplayer"))


Problem: I want to recover the values 0 in the part 2) but let's say that I put the result of 2) in the variable var0.

* (type-of var0)


I would like to know if there is a direct way to get the 0 ? to recover it I did:

*(setf str0 (format nil "~a" var0))


* (aref str0 18)

but it doesn't seem very clever ?

Thanks in advance for any clue.


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(sb-ext:process-exit-code var0)

It's in the SBCL manual.

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