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I have a .jar file from github and have been asked to place it in my Android app’s libs/ folder. I am using MonoDevelop for Android, and I cannot see a libs/ folder anywhere. I see that in Eclipse, under options, a path can be added for .jar files. Is there the same thing for MonoDevelop? Can I please have some help to set this .jar file up correctly?


Here is the jar I am wanting to use: I am after some help to please set this up for MonoDevelop for Android.

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Eclipse is Java based, libs/ folder is where normal Java JAR files go. Have not heard of MonoDevelop using Java JARS integrated into a project setting, sounds like you need to port it over for usage within the Mono environment...i.e. port the code to nearest equivalent suitable for mono.. – t0mm13b Jan 23 '13 at 0:57

To answer your question:

The libs/ folder is where normal Java JAR files go under Eclipse which is for Java targetting Android platform. You will have to translate the Java code to the equivalent C# for usage by the Mono environment for Android.

That's called porting, if that does not help, try looking for a similar library out there.

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