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Our current production deployment uses jenkins to deploy a warble generated war file to Tomcat. The whole thing works like a charm. The problem I'm running into however is how to kick start up sidekiq's workers on this machine via "bundle exec sidekiq [options]". Ideally I'd love to avoid setting up a whole seperate ruby environment on this machine just to do this, but either way to run properly, sidekiq needs access to the exploded/installed apps environment etc.

Is there an accepted way to do something like this? Is there a better way to startup sidekiq in instances like this beyond bundle?

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This project may be of help. It allows you to package anything that can be a rake task into a jar file. Their documentation has some specific notes about warbler use. Have a look!

For notes on how to run Sidekiq from outside of the command line run something like this from your project root:

cat $(bundle show sidekiq)/bin/sidekiq

You should see some lines:

cli = Sidekiq::CLI.instance

If you read into the CLI class, you'll notice that parse takes either ARGV as the default argument, but you can override it with your own arguments:

cli.parse "-q myqueue -e production".split(' ')
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