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I have the following class:

package Test;
public class A
    private B b = new B()
       public boolean someFunc() {return false;}

What is the AspectJ pointcut to capture execution of someFunc, and at the same time get a reference to outer class A?

I tried:

pointcut captureExec(): within(Test.A) && execution(boolean Test.B+.someFunc());
before(): captureExec()
    //here thisJoinPount.getTarget() returns object to class B, 
    //but I need reference object to the outer class A


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Should be something like this:

pointcut captureExec(Test.A a): within(a) && execution(boolean Test.B+.someFunc());
before(Test.A a): captureExec(a) 
    if(a==blah) ...

Not tried it though

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I couldn't get yours to compile. With the following modification: "pointcut captureExec2(Test.A a): within(A) && execution(boolean Test.B+.someFunc()) && target(a); before(Test.A a): captureExec(a)" I was able to compile, but got no match... – bob Jan 24 '13 at 7:27

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