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Can anyone point me toward an example of using Platform::ArrayReference<T> on the Windows Phone 8? Every attempt I have made has caused a compiler syntax error. It is listed in the documentation as a part of WinRT, but I can't find anything that conclusively identifies this as desktop-only or not.

I want to use this in my phone app to decrease the number of copies that are going on as I shuffle data between C# and C++, but if this is not allowed, perhaps I'll just have to live with those copies.

Thank you in advance

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"Every attempt I have made has caused a compiler syntax error." Can you show your attempts and the resulting compilation errors? – James McNellis Jan 23 '13 at 17:48
@JamesMcNellis: Thank you for your response, but I realized I was using the class incorrectly. I was trying to use it as an input parameter so that when a C# class passed my class a float[] I would avoid an extra copy, but now I realize this class is meant to be created on the C++ side. – staticfloat Jan 23 '13 at 18:54
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I realized that I have been thinking about ArrayReference wrong. When interfacing with C# code, you still need to use Array as your input parameters, but when passing Arrays to other C++ objects or to C# code from C++ code, you can use ArrayReference to wrap a C array in a Platform wrapper.

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