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I have seen a thousand ways show XML, JSON, and other complicated ways of showing activity data.

That appears to be step 1000, and I am on step 1.

I can log anything, and save anything to the table. My question is where to start...

How do I setup a data model to collect my activity?

From this question I have several data gaps I need to fill...

  1. Do I use independent logs? or do I prestage activity data? In either case, what columns do I need?

  2. Based on question 1, how do I construct the queries to provide the response I need? Do I use string-based constructions per user? or stored procedures to return the dataset?

I realize this is a really-noob question in regards to activity streams, but any information on this would really be appreciated.


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This tutorial will help you setup a system like Pinterest's feed using Redis. It's quite easy to get started with.

Over at Fashiolista we've opensourced our approach to building feed systems.

In addition have a look at this high scalability post were we explain some of the design decisions involved:

To learn more about feed design I highly recommend reading some of the articles which we based Feedly on:

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