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I am having some issues with word completion in VS2010 running in windows 7. I have no word completion in C#, programming a web application.

The word completion works fine in html, but in code behind i need to use (alt + right) to see the completion options. Already checked the preferences and is all okay, also tried ctrl + alt + spacebar. No results.

Anyone know why is this happening?

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Keep in mind that this is Beta 1 and a lot of things are not fully functional. Wait until Beta 2 and see if it still happens. I'm thinking that this will work correctly. –  Scott Dorman Sep 30 '09 at 4:01
IntelliSense is not word completion. It's auto completion. Word completion is the sort of stuff Notepad++ does on "Ctrl+Enter", or Eclipse on "Alt+/". Is there a way to trigger word completion in VS2010? –  Peter Perháč Aug 17 '10 at 15:27

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Problem solved.

It wasn't active by default, but under Tools/Options/Text Editor/C#/General. Auto list members wasn't active...

Thanks for the answers!

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Does it happen only to your code or to any C# code? Try to crate a new empty C# project and see if it works. If it does not you can try to run VS from a command line with /resetsettings switch - this will reset all VS settings back to defaults. If it is still a no go you can try to re-install it

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Intellisense has many different items that cause the completion to not be available. I would attempt the following checks in descending order:

  1. Are these any syntax errors occurring before the line(s) in question?
  2. Has the required information been provided for that method/property/etc. been provided for that item? Mainly applies to custom developed code.
  3. Do you have any 3rd party controls installed that may be doing something fancy for completion purposes.
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