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So I'm just getting into lua and wanted to make a program to do some calculations for me. Right now I have a series of elements followed by a number e.g. H = 1 He = 4 ect... Then later in the script I want to be able to call the letter and have it work as a number. This is what I have.

    print ("Element 1")
    e1 = io.read()
    print ("Enter Subscript")
    sub1 = io.read("*n")
    e1s = e1 * sub1
    print (e1s)

In this I want the user to be able to input something like H, have it be seen as 1. Then the user can input the subscript and the 1 (from H) is multiplied by the number entered as subscript and then printed out for the user. Sorry if this didn't make much sense but any help will be appreciated.

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You could store the elements in a table and look them up when you need them:

elements = {H = 1, He = 4}
print("Element 1")
e1 = elements[io.read()]
print("Enter Subscript")
sub1 = io.read("*n")
e1s = e1 * sub1
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If what your trying to do is print "H" as "HHH" provided the user provided 3, you can just use a loop to concatenate a string with all three, then just print that.

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And not use string.rep() ? –  hjpotter92 Jan 23 '13 at 10:20

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