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This might be a stupid question but I cannot figure this out for the life of me nor can I find a reference online which answers my question.

I have been using Edwin (this is my first time using Emacs) to follow along with the MIT Opencourseware 6.001 class and I cannot figure out how to load a file.

Upon startup, I type C-x C-f to make a new file "test.scm". I then input some Scheme code and type C-x C-s to save it.

But then if I close Edwin, start it back up,and type C-x C-f test.scm, I just get a blank slate. If instead I type M-x dired, scroll to test.scm and hit RET, I still get a blank slate. The file takes up some space in windows so I don't think the issue is with saving but rather loading (especially since I similarly cannot load the premade .scm files provided by MIT)

I am running MIT/GNU Scheme on Windows 7 if that matters...

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There is an open bug report for this: http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?35250.

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a bit late for a timely answer. This is how I do it:

  1. Create the function in a file with Notepad (or its better cousin, Notepad++)
  2. Save the file with the .scm extention. Place it somewhere you can remember.
  3. load said file this way (do not forget the double \\): (load "c:\\path_to_your_folder\\your_file.scm")
  4. Now you have access to your function.
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