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I have been following various tutorials on how to run gnuplot and I have come up with this script. So far it is going well enough but when I try to change the offset on the xlabel or ylabel I get a message saying this in the terminal:

gnuplot> set xlabel "Applied Current [mA]" -0.3 
         line 0: ';' expected

I was wracking my brain so I even tested example xlabel and ylabel off the internet and the same type of error came up


gnuplot << TOEND
# Set the output file
set terminal postscript eps color enhanced 
set output 'fp.eps' 
unset key

set title "Voltage as a Function of Current" 

set noborder 
set xtics axis
set ytics axis

set format x "%2.0f" 
set format y "%2.0f" 

fit u(x) "nfp.dat" using 1:2 via m,b

fit v(x) "wfp.dat" using 1:2 via m,b

set xzeroaxis linestyle 2 lt 1 lc 0
set xlabel "Applied Current [mA]" -0.3 

set yzeroaxis linestyle  2 lt 1 lc 0
set ylabel "Voltage [mV]" 

set xrange [ -15.00 : 15.00 ]
set yrange [ -20.0 : 20.0 ]

plot  'nfp.dat' using 1:2, \
       v(x), 'wfp.dat' using 1:2, \
      'sfp.dat' using 1:2 

convert -density 100 fp.eps fp.png
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I think you are missing the offset flag. Try:

set xlabel "Applied Current [mA]" offset -0.3
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