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I'm trying to accomplish the following:

Iterate a list
    if an element (string) does not have a '$' at the first position
        apply a '$'  and append the new value to the array

I'm trying something like:

  symbols = ['aol', 'goog', ...]
  (symbols.append('$'+val) if '$' != val[0] for val in symbols)

But I'm getting a syntax error. Any help is appreciated.

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You need to take a look at how list comprehensions work. –  Latty Jan 23 '13 at 4:10
Hello - OK, thanks for the resource. I'll give it a view and attempt again. –  mr-sk Jan 23 '13 at 4:11
@s.bandara It's not really a good tag (pythonic is just a tag synonym for Python) - I don't think it would see enough usage to make doing that worthwhile. –  Latty Jan 23 '13 at 4:16

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Iterate over a shallow copy of the list and check for $ using str.startswith():

In [81]: symbols = ['aol', 'goog','$foo','bar']

In [82]: for x in symbols[:]:
    if not x.startswith('$'):

In [83]: symbols
Out[83]: ['aol', 'goog', '$foo', 'bar', '$aol', '$goog', '$bar']
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symbols.extend('$' + s for s in symbols if s[:1] != '$')

This is similar to what others have posted but utilizes a slice (to function w/ the empty string) for conciseness instead of 'startswith' and appends to the original list to comply to what appears to be implied by the original problem statement -- though the problem statement confusingly uses 'list' and 'array' interchangeably.

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You may do as Ashwini proposed or you may just comprehend the list and append with the existing list

symbols + [('' if e.startswith('$') else '$') + e for e in symbols]

It does what Ashwini proposed that but instead of appending to an exisiting list it comprehends a new list (which is comparably faster) and append to the exisiting list.

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