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I am trying to deploy my app which uses mongo db to Heroku and it seems that i need to use some hosting service like MongoHQ or MongoLab for hosting Mongo DB. Are there any free mongo db hosting services available that i can use with Heroku ?

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You can add MongoLab to your app either through the add-on catalog or through the heroku command:

heroku addons:add mongolab:starter

Pricing starts at free, too!

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When I try to add it from browser I receive "Please verify your billing info at heroku.com/verify", even if I chose the free plan. –  Ionică Bizău May 9 '13 at 13:56
That's right - you need to supply billing information, even for free add-ons. I believe this is because most add-ons will automatically charge you appropriately for any use above & beyond their free plan. –  James Chevalier May 9 '13 at 14:08
I decided to use files instead of database for my little project (a Facebook app), but also I found this link that looks good. I didn't tested to see the results. Anyway, +1 for your answer. ;-) –  Ionică Bizău May 9 '13 at 14:13
I can verify the above link works as described. –  Wadester Apr 4 at 19:58
That link apparently worked before Compose took over. Now the free version no longer gives you the needed connection info so you must go through Heroku and supply billing info. Researched all day to find a workaround to no avail. –  scalaGirl Aug 12 at 12:26

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