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I have made a chat application having chat window at the right side bottom corner of my screen . It remains at right side bottom corner as expected, in chrome , firefox , IE8, IE7 . But in IE9 alone , the chat window gets pushed to the left side bottom corner . I don't know the reason for this .

The chat window plugin I am using is Jquery UI chatbox plugin. http://magma.cs.uiuc.edu/wenpu1/chatbox.html

The code has following statement which defines position of the chat window

<div class="ui-widget ui-corner-top ui-chatbox" outline="0" style="right: 0px;"

which actually positions my chat window to this right side bottom corner .

I actually tried in developer tools chrome , and when I removed "style="right : 0px" It actually pushes chat window to left side bottom corner.

But I dont know why this is not working in IE9.

You can try it in IE9 by opening the link http://magma.cs.uiuc.edu/wenpu1/chatbox.html

and clicking "Add chatbox " link in this page. you can see the chat box moving to left side bottom corner .

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now you have changed the scope of a question. not fair –  diEcho Jan 23 '13 at 4:40
@diEcho Nothing changed... –  Ian Jan 23 '13 at 4:43
For whatever reason, if you specify the width, it at least shows that it is being pushed to the right. It's just something else going wrong... –  Ian Jan 23 '13 at 4:46
@Ian yup, setting width: 208px; right: 0 does the trick for me –  Phil Jan 23 '13 at 4:52
It seems to be that while other browsers only fill the fixed div up as wide as its contents, IE 9 for some reason has it behave as a div normally does - filling its parent. As Phil pointed out, if you set the width to 208px for the ui-chatbox, it "fixes" it. This 208 comes from the width of the .ui-chatbox-log and padding of the .ui-chatbox. I guess with fixed positioning, you need to be more explicit. But at the same time, I would expect it to be only as wide as its contents...IE doesn't agree. –  Ian Jan 23 '13 at 5:00
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Try adding width for the container... Should work.

width: 205px;

<div class="ui-widget ui-corner-top ui-chatbox" outline="0" style="right: 0px; width: 205px;">
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Hi Thanks anyway . Look at the comment thread below the question. People have given me the solution .Thanks –  Harish Kayarohanam Jan 29 '13 at 5:56
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