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We have Glassfish cluster which has two instances.

On this cluster one my EJB application is deployed and running.

Now I have another EJB-Timer-application which I want to deploy on Glassfish server(domain) not on cluster then I want to access the cluster's EJB. AS per my understanding EJB timer could not deployed on a cluster because it could be run on both the instances of cluster.

What are the possible ways to access it ?


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You can actually deploy EJB timers on a cluster. They will only execute on one instance. At startup, each @Scheduled bean is assigned in a round-robin manner to an instance. If an instance fails, the timers will fail-over to the next healthy instance.

Remember to follow the setup procedure for EJB timers as described here: In short, you need to specify an XA datasource for the timers database instead of using the default embedded one.

We are running several @Scheduled beans in a Glassfish clustered production environment.

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