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I am using codeigniter 2.1.0.

I am trying to do a register/login function using the session library in the codeigniter.

The register/login with the session library worked fine for localhost, but when I put it live and tried it, the session does not work.

My controller login works this way. I check the credentials, once ok I set my session data and redirect to another page.

$user_data = array(
                   'username'       => $result->user_name,
                   'email'          => $result->user_email,
                   'userid'         => $result->user_id,
                   'role'           => $result->user_role,
                   'login_state'    => TRUE,
                   'lastlogin'      => time(),

print_r( $this->session->all_userdata());            

at this point here when I print all my session data, they do print out. But at the dashboard controller side, when i attempt to print the session data out, they were not there anymore.

Any idea why? Thanks in advance for the help.

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Maybe you not automatic load library session.

Have you try this in controller dashboard:

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yup i did load the library session. When I use print_r it was printing out no session data – edelweiss Jan 24 '13 at 12:27

Make sure your app has permissions to create the session files to /tmp (where file sessions are stored) if your not using a database for the sessions.

More than likely you need to look at php.ini on the production server and verify the session save handler is defined explains this rather well.

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I realize you're trying to debug your issue; but have you tried removing the echo/print before redirecting?

I'm no 'session' expert, but I've had similar issues where printing out debug information before redirecting would cause session data the die on the next page.

Also, @edelweiss is on the money :)

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yup the problem was there before any echo or print, hence I was trying to see what was the problem. Initially I thought it was the redirect problem but it was redirecting correctly to the page in which the session data was invalid, hence leading me to print out the session data. thanks for the point as well, I did not know printing out debug info before redirecting would cause session data dying on next page. will take note if it occurs again. thanks! – edelweiss Jan 24 '13 at 12:27
Have you resolve this? – Warren.S May 8 '13 at 21:07

I saw a similar post and was directed to here to try using his sessions.php

And it works for me!

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In My case, after some tests (with https and http in localhost) the error comes for that issue and not having properly set the $config['cookie_secure'], so you can try changing in config.php:

$config['cookie_secure']    = FALSE; // if is not under https, or true if you use https


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Make sure you session_start() before using $_SESSION. I had this problem, I foolishly assumed that


will do that for me, but not.

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