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What I actually want is to select exposure type (auto or manual) when shooting video by the means of EDSDK.

I can do it using camera menu.

I didn't managed to find a way to do it from official documentation. My another try was to check all camera events when I use camera buttons to set menu options hoping there were some undocumented properties - this attempt faild too.

A generalized question would be is there a way to set menu options of camera using EDSDK i guess.

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Modes :
0 = Program
9 = Auto
5 = A-DEP

programmatically, read the property can use EdsGetPropertyData and for set the value EdsSetPropertyData

uint emode = 5;
error = EDSDK.EdsSetPropertyData(Camera, EDSDK.PropID_AEMode, 
                                         0, sizeof(uint), emode);
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Thanx, but it changes exposition mode of picture shooting not video. By the way when I change video exposition mode thru camera menu both kEdsPropID_AFMode and kEdsPropID_AFModeSelect stay at value 20 in both modes. – nshy Feb 20 '13 at 5:34

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