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For example , I have two shell script file name main.sh and child.sh and one ini file name param.ini.

In main.sh

echo $param // show Jame
var=${param}How are you
echo $var // output show only How are you and  Jame is overwrited.The output should Jame How are you

In child.sh


echo $param // show Jame

In param.ini


After execute main.sh the output show How are you and Jame is missing. Jame is overwrited. What I want is Jame How are you

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You know // is not a shell comment, right? – glenn jackman Jan 24 '13 at 3:47
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I think it will be ok with replace method of shell. Set a keyword in value of ini file. For example

key1 = valueA //'A' will be used as a key word.

In shell, implement replace method as follows:

var = "${param/A/HowAreYou}"
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Instead of . for sourcing, use the command source. It will work.


source it like . param.ini (note the space between . and param.ini)

sgeorge-mn:~ sgeorge$ cat main.sh 
source child.sh
echo "$param"
var="${param}, How are you"
echo "$var"

sgeorge-mn:~ sgeorge$ cat child.sh 
source param.ini
echo $param

sgeorge-mn:~ sgeorge$ cat param.ini 

sgeorge-mn:~ sgeorge$ bash main.sh 
Jame, How are you
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I change . to source but is still not ok.But if i use like this var="How are you"${param} // output show How are you Jame. until not ok like var="${parm}How are you" // output show only how are you. – 9ine Jan 23 '13 at 6:27
${parm} - there is a spelling mistake. Also FYI, in bash, # is for commenting and not // – Suku Jan 23 '13 at 6:36
sorry for spelling mistake.I use var="${param},How are you" and i use # is for commenting.Further more test in child.sh have the same case.In child.sh param="$name how are you" // output also how are you and jame is missing but echo $name // output show jame – 9ine Jan 23 '13 at 6:55

Try like this

 var="${param}How are you"

instead of

var=${param}How are you
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