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I've just started using the Play framework, and I have some questions...

Some background info. I am using Play 2.0.4, with Ebean to store Entities. My User Entity has 2 fields, one called created_on, and the other called updated_on. Both are java.util.Date. My questions are, what's the best place to create the "created_on" variable? I currently wrote it in the User model as

 public Date created_on = new Date();

Is this the best place to put it? And I want to set the format as 'dd-MM-yyyy'. I currently using


But it don't seem to work, the created_on still print out as 'Wed Jan 23 16:41:21 EST 2013'. Also, I want to modify the updated_on field to the current time each time I does an update, where should I code it? and how should I do it?

Thank you very much

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Solved the 2nd question. use @user.created_on.format("dd/mm/yyyy"). still got 2 questions – hook38 Jan 23 '13 at 6:07
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Although you can do your trick with createdOn you won't be able to do the same with updatedOn on update action - in such case probably fastest solution will be overwriting save() and update(Object o) methods in your model(s) for doing the same task:

 * Set default data while saving
public void save() {
    this.createdOn = new Date();
    this.updatedOn = new Date();

 * Set default data while updating
public void update(Object o) {
    // here you don't want to change createdOn value anymore
    this.updatedOn = new Date(); 
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You have two choices -- add a default value to the field on the database side with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP or do as you do now -- set the default value on object initialization. I tend to prefer the latter, as then I have the date in the entity after save without the need to refresh it from the database.

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