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in this question i m confused how all this .class is generated classes are A$Enum$1,A$Enum$2,A$Enum,A$Enum,A plz expalin the concept behind it, i opened the .class file in which i dont understand the A$Enum$2,A$Enum$1 class code plz expalin me concept what that.string means

class A
    enum Enum

       Q4 {

    enum Enum1

A$Enum$1.class code

class .String extends .String

    .String(String s, int i)
        super(s, i, null);
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A total of 6 classes are created.

A$Enum$1 //Inner class created for Q3  
A$Enum$2 //Inner class created for Q4 
A$Enum    //Enum, the enum defined within A
A$Enum1   //Enum1, the enum defined within A
A$1      //Not sure
A        //Class A

Here is the decompiled code for A$Enum$1

Compiled from ""
final class A$Enum$1 extends A$Enum{
    A$Enum$1(java.lang.String, int);

Disassembled code for the same.

   33:  invokespecial   #14; //Method A$Enum$1."<init>":(Ljava/lang/String;I)V  
   36:  putstatic       #15; //Field Q3:LA$Enum;  
   39:  new     #16; //class A$Enum$2
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