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I saw this in a facebook leaked code...

$disabled_warning = ((IS_DEV_SITE || IS_QA_SITE) && is_disabled_user($user));

now unless I am reading it wrong then it is saying that (($var) can be used as a function?

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No, it's just setting the value to true or false.

It would be equivalent to this:

if((IS_DEV_SITE || IS_QA_SITE) && is_disabled_user($user))
  $disabled_warning = true;
  $disabled_warning = false;
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Ahh I see now not sure why I didn't notice the ending ), thanks for the answer though –  JasonDavis Sep 19 '09 at 1:42

This may be naive but $disabled_warning is just storing the Boolean result of the condition.

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anyway variable functions look something like normal functions except with a dollar sign in front in PHP.

function foo($s){
  echo $s;

$bar = 'foo';

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