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actually I have a code which I think it's complete , but i don't know how to run it on Eclipse...

that's a pinball game on java and i want to practice from this code :


in all classes it shows this error :

**Selection Doesn't contain an applet...**

what should I do to run it ?!

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<APPLET CODE="PinBallGame.class" WIDTH=556 HEIGHT=530>
    <PARA NAME="HIT_SOUND" VALUE="sounds/floor.au"> 

That applet element combined with the tag makes me think the class declaration of that class must be:

public class PinBallGame extends JApplet //..

However a search on 'PinBallGame.java' in the list of classes shows no hits. I.E. whatever that code represents, it is not a complete example of the applet.

..want to practice from this code:

That code is an poor example to base learning on, given the lack of a complete, workable example.

More importantly, it is much easier to develop and deploy a free floating desktop application in a frame (JFrame).

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