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I mean using a c or c++ lib. to manipullate. former I use cairo lib, successfully create the pdf file, but no layers. now I want to create pdf file with several layers.


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What behavior do you expect from the layers? PDF does not explicitly support independent graphics spaces stacked one atop the other. It does know, though, optional content groups (collection of graphics that can be made visible or invisible dynamically). Furthermore it allows for multiple content streams of a page which you can try to keep independent from each other by use of the q and Q operators. –  mkl Jan 23 '13 at 8:34
my aim is like you say can control the visible or invisible of a layer. can you explain it in detail? –  user1279988 Jan 23 '13 at 8:41
I can only point to the PDF specification ISO 32000-1:2008, section 8.11.2 Optional Content Groups. I don't know which C++ libs support them, but OCG support is what you have to look out for. –  mkl Jan 23 '13 at 10:58

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You can create (also read and edit) PDF layers (also know an Optional Content Groups) as shown in PDFLayers sample which is also included as part of PDFNet SDK.

The following is a relevant code:

    PDFDoc doc;

    // Create three layers...
    OCG::Group image_layer = CreateLayer(doc, "Image Layer");
    OCG::Group text_layer = CreateLayer(doc, "Text Layer");
    OCG::Group vector_layer = CreateLayer(doc, "Vector Layer");

    // Start a new page ------------------------------------
    Page page = doc.PageCreate();

    ElementBuilder builder; // ElementBuilder is used to build new Element objects
    ElementWriter writer;   // ElementWriter is used to write Elements to the page  
    writer.Begin(page);     // Begin writing to the page

    // Add new content to the page and associate it with one of the layers.
    Element element = builder.CreateForm(CreateGroup1(doc, image_layer.GetSDFObj()));

    element = builder.CreateForm(CreateGroup2(doc, vector_layer.GetSDFObj()));

    // Add the text layer to the page...
    if (false)  // set to true to enable 'ocmd' example.
        // A bit more advanced example of how to create an OCMD text layer that 
        // is visible only if text, image and path layers are all 'ON'.
        // An example of how to set 'Visibility Policy' in OCMD.
        Obj ocgs = doc.CreateIndirectArray();
        OCG::OCMD text_ocmd = OCG::OCMD::Create(doc, ocgs, OCG::OCMD::e_AllOn);
        element = builder.CreateForm(CreateGroup3(doc, text_ocmd.GetSDFObj()));
    else {
        element = builder.CreateForm(CreateGroup3(doc, text_layer.GetSDFObj()));

    // Add some content to the page that does not belong to any layer...
    // In this case this is a rectangle representing the page border.
    element = builder.CreateRect(0, 0, page.GetPageWidth(), page.GetPageHeight());

    writer.End();  // save changes to the current page

    // Set the default viewing preference to display 'Layer' tab.
    PDFDocViewPrefs prefs = doc.GetViewPrefs();

    doc.Save("my.pdf", SDFDoc::e_linearized, 0);

Note: I am a PDFNet developer.

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thanks,it‘s a trial version. the former version may need commercial license. –  user1279988 Jan 26 '13 at 1:10

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