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Is it legal/advised to do this in C++

    #include "WinImplementation.h"
    #include "NixImplementation.h"
    class Interface {
        class WinImplementation;
        class NixImplementation;

    #include "Interface.h"
    class Interface::WinImplementation {}

    #include "Interface.h"
    class Interface::NixImplementation {}
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Whether this can work depends a lot on how you use include-guards (#ifdef...) –  jogojapan Jan 23 '13 at 8:02
Oops...forgot those. I'll put them in now –  Eliezer Jan 23 '13 at 8:02
Possible duplicate of this? –  Simon Jan 23 '13 at 8:03
they are just private in Interface? –  billz Jan 23 '13 at 8:07
@Simon, as Elizer said, that is a good, related question, but it's not a duplicate. It's about forward-declaring a nested class directly, not about defining the nested class in a different file. –  jogojapan Jan 23 '13 at 8:12

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Yes, you can forward declare nested classes in C++. The following example is taken directly from the C++ standard (section 9.7.3):

class E
    class I1;     // forward declaration of nested class
    class I2;
    class I1 {};  // definition of nested class
class E::I2 {};   // definition of nested class
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Thanks :-) now if I want class E::I2{}; in a separate file how would I handle the recursive includes? –  Eliezer Jan 23 '13 at 9:20
You can declare a pointer to your nested class with just a forward declaration. You can just include the correct implementation header at the bottom of Interface.h, and not include Interface.h in your implementation headers. –  user420442 Jan 23 '13 at 9:34

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