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I need implement RESTful API for my site on symfony 2, so i use FOSRestBundle + JMSSerializerBundle

I have such serializer yml for my entity:

    exclusion_policy: ALL
    accessor_order: custom
    custom_accessor_order: [id, title]
            expose: true

            expose: true

            serialized_name: photo

The problem is that getMainPhoto return me url to full sized image. I want preprocess this url before sending response to api client where i can generate new url to resized version of such image. I already have service in sf2 which can do this job:

$resized_url = $someService->generateResizedUrl($item->getMainPhoto(), 640, 480);

But i don't know how can i use this service with JMSSerializer. Maybe there is some callbacks for FOSRestBundle\JMSSerializerBundle just before it send response?

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Have a look at the documentation. There are is a number of events and/or annotations you can use to hook into the serialization process.

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You can exclude the original url, and then add the resized url using http://jmsyst.com/libs/serializer/master/event_system#serializer-post-serialize event.

You have to write a listener that listen when "Product" instances are serialized.

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