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I am using flowLayoutPanel and adding my custom user controls to it, I can add mu usercontrol to it but i don't know how can it use it after adding.

in this part i add my user controls:

ExtensionUserControl extension = new ExtensionUserControl(this, AMI_ClientInstance);
//Add Obj Name (Extension Number)
extension.ExtensionNumber = Obj.ObjName;
flowLayoutPanel1.Controls.Add(extension as ExtensionUserControl);

and another place i want to have the properties of my added user control, i try to user this code but it get error, It says that can not convert windows control to ExtensionUserControl

ExtensionUserControl extension = flowLayoutPanel1.Controls[1];

please totally tell me how can i have my user control properties after adding it to panel?


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Do you use the WPF or WinForms? – Venson Jan 23 '13 at 8:32

Are you sure Controls[1] is ExtensionUserControl? I think that:

foreach(Control ctl in flowLayoutPanel1.Controls)
     if(ctl is ExtensionUserControl)
            (ExtensionUserControl)ctl......//do something u want

I'm not test it yet, just thinking, sorry if it doesn't work

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