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a question about admin: in the changelist page, is it possible to keep the selected items of a page while going to another page and returning to it.

I mean:

  1. I'm on the page 1;
  2. I select some items;
  3. then i go to page 2;
  4. I select other items;
  5. I return to page 1;
  6. my previous selection is lost.

Is it possible to keep that selection somewhere (cookie, session,...)?

thanks, Luke

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I think, that you may use jquery and cookie manipulation in admin:

  • prepare js file with some piece of code to handle click when selecting items and store selected values as array in cookie (use jquery.cookie.js plugin, it is really good stuff); the core of js file may be:

    (function($) { $(document).ready(function($) { //js code }); })(django.jQuery);

  • point js file in your admin.py:

    class SomenameAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): class Media: js = ("/static/javascript/test.js",)

    admin.site.register(Somename, SomenameAdmin)

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