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Trying to set up a new site using MVC RC4 web API in Visual Studio 2010, and it just seems to not work: parameter values are never passed to the method.

Everything was working fine in mvc2 but since the upgrade to mvc 4 most of the thing started falling apart.

public ActionResult DownloadApp(string id, bool download = false){}

I am trying to pass the download parameter but the controller is not catching it

RedirectResult (Url.Action("DownloadApp", "Account") + "?download=true");

Like I've mentioned, it was working fine in MVC 2. I am forced to use Queryparameter that I don't want to use. Is there any way I can make get it to work in MVC 4 like before. The route is as follows:

                  new { controller = "account", action = "index", id = "" },
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Try this way:

new RedirectResult(Url.Action("DownloadApp", "Account", new { download = true }));
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it didn't work :( –  Adnan Zameer Jan 23 '13 at 16:57
Interesting... Could you post some more code, where you create and return the RedirectResult object? –  laszlokiss88 Jan 24 '13 at 9:21

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