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Is it possible to add some configurable parameter in decorator.xml? I need to do something like:

<decorator name="sample" page="sample.jsp">

<decorator name="example" page="example.jsp">

and in some config file mycfg.parameters put:


so it can be changed for other service

are there any solutions for this other then creating many decorator.xml files for other services?

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You could use maven resource filtering to substitute the parameter at build time in the decorator.xml files.

In your maven pom.xml file you might define the property/resources like so:



You can do the same in Ant if you are not using maven.

Alternatively, you could use the method described in Sitemesh Configuration: Medium Level, Assembly to configure the decorator selector with a init-param/system property variable at run-time. For example:

String extension = System.getProperty("extension");
javax.servlet.Filter filter = new SiteMeshFilterBuilder()
    .addDecoratorMapping("/sample." + extension, "/sample.jsp")
    .addDecoratorMapping("/example." + extension, "/example.jsp")
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