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In desktop framework I can run delegate asynchronously with BeginInvoke():

Action<string> myAction;
myString = "i am string";
myAction.BeginInvoke(myString, res => {
                            }, null);

But in Windows Phone I can't do it, because must not run delegate asynchronously.

So, when I try run delegate with Task, I have error:

Task ts = Task.Factory.StartNew(myAction);

Error: conversion of "System.Action <string>" to "System.Action" impossible. Of course, I should submit my string.

Any ideas.

Thanks advance.

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Simply use a lambda to pass the parameter to your function:

Task ts = Task.Factory.StartNew(() => myAction(myString));
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Thank you very much, it works perfectly! – Alexandr Jan 23 '13 at 10:37

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