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I have the following script working. I would like to result command: $nazwa send -- "/system identity print\r" executed saved to a file, but it is probably badly written. At the moment, I can only write path to the file tmp.


# create expect script
cat > $TMP << EOF
#exp_internal 1 # Uncomment for debug
set timeout -1
spawn ssh -p$PORT $USER@$HOSTNAME
match_max 100000
expect -exact "password:"
send -- "$PASS\r"
expect " > "
$nazwa send -- "/system identity print\r"
expect " > "
send -- "quit\r"
expect eof

# run expect script
#cat $TMP # Uncomment for debug
expect -f $TMP
echo $TMP >> log.log
# remove expect script
rm $TMP
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What is $nazwa doing there? Remove it:

send -- "/system identity print\r"

Since your are actually developing your script, uncomment exp_internal 1 to get expect to help you.

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