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I created a VSTO addin for MS word 2010 and deploy int using clickonce deployment in VS 2012.I compressed the publish folder to .rar file.An end-user will download the rar file, extract and run the exe file to install my addin. My addin need to load some data and also use PInvoke to call unmanaged C++dll so I decided to copy all dll and data files into the publish folder. Is there anyway to get direction of setup folder (extracted from rar file) in end-user computer ?(I need that to add the direction into dll search path)

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Actually, I've found the answer on this link: [link] http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/vssmartdevicesvbcs/thread/1b1b316a-8648-4243-a651-84de51fd2508

Sorry for not search thoroughly before asking.

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