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I need to test a various links of a site (no need to login) with 100's of user and loop it for some number of times. I want to put those links in a "CSV file", so that all the links to be tested are read from file.

How do i accomplish this task?

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Why not to try first to search around in jmeter tag? Asked many times here. –  Alies Belik Jan 23 '13 at 10:27

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Prepare kind of csv-file with list of your test-params and use it to parametrize your test-samplers, using at least the following:

  1. CSV Data Set Config

    Look into the following links for details:

    How to get Jmeter to use CSV data for GET parameters?
    Use jmeter to test multiple Websites
    use csv parameters in jmeter httprequest path
    Force a thread to use same input line when using CSV Data Set Config

  2. Jmeter functions:

  3. Variables From CSV sampler from jmeter-plugins.

1. Prepare your test-urls in csv-file, e.g. in the following format:


Ensure that test-URLs don't contain http:// prefix (as per HTTP Request params -> Server).

2. Use schema for your script as below:

    CSV Data Set Config:
    Filename: [path to your csv-file with test-urls]
    Variable Names: testURL
    Recycle on EOF?: True
    Stop thread on EOF?: False
    Sharing mode: Current thread

    Thread Group:
    Number of Threads: N
    Loop Count: M
            HTTP Request // your http call
            Server Name or IP: ${testURL} // use variable with extracted URL

This will start N users, each users will read M entries from list of test-urls. If M > number of entries in list of test-urls then user will recycle the list on EOF.

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Thanks, But the problem that I have been facing is that the test ends after reading all the requests in the csv file. I am not being able to run it for multiple threads or even run it in a loop. Could you help with it. –  user2003333 Jan 23 '13 at 11:26
Well, set "Recycle on EOF?" and "Stop thread on EOF?" as well as "Sharing mode" options of CSV Data Set Config correspondingly. If you want read both users credentials and test link from csv-file you have to set 2 CSV Data Set Config instances: one to read users credentials and assign they to threads, another one - to read test links to use along with each thread. –  Alies Belik Jan 23 '13 at 11:57
Well, update your answer first and specify your problem more clearly, provide your test script schema. –  Alies Belik Jan 23 '13 at 11:59
I am just reading the test link from the CSV file. All, i want to do is to test the links in the CSV file with multiple threads/users(BY mentioning the number of threads in the thread group and mentioning the number of loops) I have tried it accomplish this test , but the major problem is the settings of "EOF" in the CSV Data set config. If the "Recycle on EOF" is set to False then the test stops on a single thread. And, If "Recycle on EOF ?: is set to True" then the test will run for infinite number of times. So, can you please advice me on how to handle this? –  user2003333 Jan 23 '13 at 17:49
Well, I especially posted above 2 links to the working solutions (this and this) that are almost what you want but seems you haven't even tried to look into. –  Alies Belik Jan 23 '13 at 18:26

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