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I cannot Display the value of "Price" cell on my gridview, here's my code:

DataColumn idCol2 = new DataColumn();
        idCol2.DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.Int32");
        idCol2.ColumnName = "Id";

        DataColumn SKUCol2 = new DataColumn();
        SKUCol2.DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.String");
        SKUCol2.ColumnName = "SKU";

        DataColumn ProdNameCol2 = new DataColumn();
        ProdNameCol2.DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.String");
        ProdNameCol2.ColumnName = "Product Name";

        DataColumn DescCol2 = new DataColumn();
        DescCol2.DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.String");
        DescCol2.ColumnName = "Product Description";

        DataColumn PriceCol2 = new DataColumn();
        PriceCol2.DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.Decimal");
        PriceCol2.ColumnName = "Price";

        DataColumn[] keys2 = new DataColumn[5];
        keys2[0] = idCol2;
        table.PrimaryKey = keys2;

        LivePOS livepos = new LivePOS(clientId, clientSecret);
        _products = livepos.GetProducts(apiKey, token);

        foreach (var p in _products)
            table.Rows.Add(p.Id, p.Sku, p.Name, p.Description , p.SellingPrice);

        table.DefaultView.Sort = "Id ASC";
        dataGridView1.DataSource = table;
        this.dataGridView1.DefaultCellStyle.Format = "N4";

        foreach (DataGridViewRow row in dataGridView1.Rows)

            row.Cells[0].ReadOnly = false; //id

            row.Cells[1].ReadOnly = true; //sku
            row.Cells[2].ReadOnly = true; //name
            row.Cells[3].ReadOnly = true; //description

Please help me :)Is there something wrong in this code? I created new instance of the datatable named "table" on my Form_Load event. All cell values are displaying correctly aside from this "Price" column.

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what is the Type you are using for Price in DB and give us the sample value from _products ... –  Pandian Jan 23 '13 at 9:45
DECIMAL(19,4) will require 9 storage bytes MONEY will require 8 storage bytes please verify as well as clarify what the DataType of Price is defined in the Database –  DJ KRAZE Jan 23 '13 at 9:57
Can you give example of what the issue is with the display like the expected number and the displayed one ? –  V4Vendetta Jan 23 '13 at 9:59
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1 Answer

Your Price Column should have Datatype of Double than Decimal.Take a look at this link Decimal Vs Double

hope that helps

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I think you have this in the reverse order.. it's better to set the data type for Currency as Decimal –  DJ KRAZE Jan 23 '13 at 9:55
Price is decimal on my Products class –  Luigi Vibal Jan 23 '13 at 23:35
But when I tried to bind the gridview using the list _products, it displays the price –  Luigi Vibal Jan 24 '13 at 0:15
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