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I try to could a number in localStorage but the ++ doesnt do it any other way?


This is the full code

<script type="text/javascript">

    else if(window.localStorage.getItem('run')==1){

        window.location = "index_aerosoft.html";
    else if(window.localStorage.getItem('run')==25){

        alert("hey 25times");
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localStorage only contains strings.

If you want to keep a counter in it, you have to parse it :

var c = parseInt(localStorage['run']||'0', 10); // read, with 0 as default value
c++; // increment
localStorage['run'] = c; // store the incremented value
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The local storage only stored strings. And it cannot parse arguments into expressions to increment a value on the fly, you have to do this manually.

So, you first need to grab the value and parse it to an integer:

i = parseInt(window.localStorage.getItem('run'));

Then your can store the incremented value:

window.localStorage.setItem('run',(i + 1));

Note: in your condition

else if(window.localStorage.getItem('run')==1){

you check if a 1 is stored, I suppose you indent to check if the value is smaller than 25? If not, increasing the value is meaningless as the following statement will always be storing 2...

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        alert("First start");
    }else if(window.localStorage.getItem('run')==10){


        var run = window.localStorage.getItem('run');
        var irun;
        irun = (parseInt(run) + 1);
        window.location = "index_xyz.html";

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