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I'm new to Visual Basic 6 and I'm trying to execute an stored procedure and get the result into a text field variable.

The code below shows this error: error 91 "Object variable or With block variable not set" runtime error

Dim auxInfo As rdoResultset
Dim Cone As ADODB.Connection
    SQL = "EXEC  [mybase].[dbo].[myStoredProcedure] '" & var1 & "', '" & var2 & "','" & var3 & "'"
    Set auxInfo = Cone.Execute(SQL)
    myTextField.Text = Trim(auxInfo("fistColumn"))

And if I change the following:

Set auxInfo = Cone.Execute(SQL)


   Set auxInfo = UAN.OpenResultset(SQL, rdOpenDynamic, rdConcurValues, 0)
'with UAN I call the funcion that connects to my database. The connection works, I've tested it. 

I get a new error: error 13 type mismatch

Could please tell what am I doing wrong?


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Is that your full code? (Please don't change anything when postiong code and askign for help) If it is, then you're missing the Set Cone = New ADODB.Connection – Deanna Jan 23 '13 at 12:08
Not relevant to your question, but I would suggest that conn or even cn is a better variable name than cone for a connection. – jmoreno Jan 25 '13 at 6:29
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As the error says, You've not actually set Cone to anything. You're missing the Set Cone = New ADODB.Connection.

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