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I would like to insert data from a table which is in A server from the B server.


select count(*) from A.table
-- 100 rows affected

delete from A.table where customer_code = '100'
-- 10 rows affected

select count(*) from B.table
-- 200 rows affected

select count(*) from B.table where customer_code='100'
-- 20 rows affected

both the tables have identity(1,1) and primary_key

insert into A.table(customer_key,customer_code,custome_name)
select customer_key,customer_code,custome_name  
    from B.table where customer_code='100'

--Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint . Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'A.table'.

I have already tried


Please suggest.

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The Primary Key Violation is telling you that the at least one of the values for customer_key in A.table that you are trying to insert from B.Table is already in use for a different Customer record in A (and assuming that you've already run your delete statement for this customer_code).

This means it is already too late to consider trying to keep the surrogate identity column customer_key in synch between the two tables A and B (as you say you are not are in a position to truncate A and copy across from scratch from B, if applicable). However, it seems that customer_code does not provide unique identification (idempotence) of a customer either (since the delete removed 10 rows).

So in summary - if you don't need to establish any link other than by customer_code, and potentially via customer_name, you can copy the data into A which will be assigned new identity customer_key's:

(i.e. leaving IDENTITY_INSERT OFF)

insert into A.table(customer_code,custome_name)
select customer_code,customer_name  
    from B.table where customer_code='100'

Otherwise, if you do need to uniquely identify rows between the tables, what you will need to do is add new storage for the link between the 2 tables. A quick and dirty way would be to add B's surrogate directly to A, like so:

ALTER TABLE A.table ADD customer_key_TableB INT NULL  -- Or whatever the type of `customer_key`

Then insert and link the data like so (Again, with IDENTITY INSERT for Table A still off):

insert into A.table(customer_code, customer_name, customer_key_TableB)
select customer_code, customer_name, customer_key
    from B.table where customer_code='100'
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Something has to give here. You either need to delete all the data on table A..Customer and reinsert from scratch (in which case, you may as well drop the identity on A..Customer, since it is driven from B), or otherwise you need to admit that it is impossible to merge the data into A and retain B's surrogate id with the same value as the key for A as well, unless you drop the PK on A and allow duplicates. – StuartLC Jan 23 '13 at 12:32

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