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I am making a social app like facebook using Yii Framework and MYSQL. It has a notifications button at the top similar to facebook. When someone posts in a group or someone from your friendlist is going to any event or if someone send you an add request then how should I manage these notifications in database ?

Like : I joined a group "A". Someone from "A" group will post in the group then a notification should sent to each user added in the group. How could I manage notification table in this case. I supposed to have a table structure as given below:

user_id | Type_of_notification | notication_text | sender_id | Created_time |

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You are effectively building an activity stream in MySQL. There is an excellent answer at How to implement the activity stream in a social network. I've used it myself in a smaller app, but the comments in there show that it easily scales up to quite a few million rows too.

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Thanks.. It works..! –  Sameer Khana Jan 25 '13 at 7:54

You can see facebook's 'notification' table structure for fql which can give you better idea about your table.

These can be some of your columns:

id, sender_id,type_of_notification, title_html, body_html, href ,
recipient_id, is_unread, is_hidden, created_time

See notification table in fql technical-guides

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