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my external ip address i found by going to a website called and it shows in the browser the ip address that begins with 203 that is the same on all the computers in the building.

however, when i go to each computer and and in command prompt go to ipconfig it shows one address called "default gateway" and it is different than the external IP address and it starts with 192. it is also the same for all the computers in the building.

so what exactly is the default gateway that starts with 192. and how is it different from the external IP address that starts with 203?

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external ip, is your ip visible from the internet, and your gateway is a machine between you and the internet, so you'r device will know if it want to reach the internet, it need to route your trafic that way

also an ip starting with 192, is an internal network address, usually it means your are behind a router

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The IP that you see starting with 203 is your public IP address, which is provided by your ISP and is geographically maintained. The other IP that you see, starting with 192 is your private IP address, it starts with 192 because it's a class C IP address(I digress!). The private IP is managed by your router and can be accessed only inside your network.
The default gateway that you see is a node on your network which acts as a bridging point to outside world. It is usually the IP address of your router, you can access that to configure your router settings.

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To summarize :

1.The External IP is sort of a 'portal' between your home(private) network and the internet.It starts with 203 because it's a publicly assigned IP address given to you by your ISP.Also it the address of the device that lets you connect to the internet eg. your router.

2.The IP addresses within your home network are private and are not maintained by your ISP but rather your home router. They are assigned from a pool of assignable IP addresses , usually class C IP addresses. Eg.

Public vs Private IP addresses

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Your default gateway is the node which routes all the traffic to outside world from within your network, all of those computers route via that. And then that external ip is either on that default gateway's any other adapter or it then directly connects to an Internet Router

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