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I'm surprised how few are the posts relating to this problem. Anyway... here it is: I have csv data files containing X values in the first column, and several Y values columns thereafter. But for a given X value not all Y series have a corresponding value. Here is an example:

0, 16, 96, 99
10, 88, 45, 85
20, 85, 61, 10
30, 30, --, 45
40, 82, 28, 82
50, 23, 9, 61
60, 40, 77, 0
70, 26, 21, --
80, --, 58, 99
90, 1, 14, 30

when this csv data is loaded with numpy.genfromtxt, the '--' strings are taken as nan which is good. But when plotting, the plots are interrupted with blanks where there is a nan. Is there an option when a nan appears to make pyplot.plot() ignoring both the nan and the corresponding X value?

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Not sure if matplotlib has such functionality built in, but you could home-brew it doing the following:

idx = ~numpy.isnan(Y)
pyplot.plot(X[idx], Y[idx])
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Seems good. thanks –  user1850133 Jan 23 '13 at 14:29

Look at this post

As proposed in my answer there, I'd recommend using np.isfinite instead of np.isnan. There might be other reasons for your plot to have discontinuities, e.f., inf

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ok, from what I saw in the post you linked here, this one can be marked as duplicate as that one. Anyway, thanks for your solution. –  user1850133 Jan 23 '13 at 14:28

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