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i want to manually trigger *select object on the canvas event * - the same event that fires when a mouse click was made within an object area, and the object become selected - the controls become visible.

so in other words, i want to show controls for a specified object on the canvas MANUALLY, without user/mouse interaction. any help ?

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solution was found in the docs )))) shame on me !!!!!

if someone looking for the answer - fabric.Canvas.setActiveObject(fabric.Object) ...

how the solution was found: i understood that the wrong thinking was to look after the event that precedes the 'object:selected', but there is no such event !!! so i realized that all what i had to do is just look in the code for 'object:selected' and that's how i found which method fires it ... also it is well documented here, in docs .

suggestion: would be great to note about it in the articles - next to getActiveObject / Group . currently it appears only here -

anyway, cangax and others participators - like very much your work ! thanks

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