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Ok, so if I set into a variable an sql_query like so:

$query = mysql_query("..");

and call multiple mysql_result's like so:

mysql_result($query, 0);
mysql_result($query, 1);
mysql_result($query, 2);

How many queries will the page call to the server? Only once? or three times?

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When you execute mysql_query, It executes the sql and it keeps the result in an internal result structure. Next time when you call mysql_result, it fetches from that internal result.

For buffered query the reusult will be copying from MySQL server to PHP as soon as mysql_query is executed. For un-buffered query it'll be copied lazily.

So in both case Query executes only one time. But for un-buffered query it'll be fetched from MySQL server. every time you call mysql_result or mysq_fetch_*.Buffered and Unbuffered queries

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You have given the answer yourself. If you are calling "query" function once, then it will only execute once no matter how many times you parse its return value

$query = mysql_query("..");

When you run the above code then query gets executed and the returned resource is in $query variable. Then you can fetch data from it multiple times but query wont run again.

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Here will be one query with database that's means Server. mysql_result() should not be mixed with calls to other functions that deal with the result set.

For more information you can visit :

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Only *mysql_query* is executing against the mysql server. Only one query

mysql_result only fetches data from a mysql resource, it doesn't matter if you have previously gotten it from a query in code or managed to get it from another source.

From PHP 5.5.0 onwards this function is deprecated; the new way to perform this action would be to create a mysqli object and use over the functions mysqli::query and mysqli::fetch_field

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