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I was using "Auto-Renewable subscription" and it was working perfect and i can verify its recipt and can check status that its active or not, but apple has rejected it and suggested to use "Non-Renewable subscription", main problem using it is that, i can not test its status when after subscription, it expire or user remove it from his apple account, "Auto-Renewable subscription" use to expire after few minute so it was easy to test.

Can any one suggest how to test this scenario

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I'm not sure of the situation you are trying to test. Why did Apple suggest you use Non-Rewnable subscriptions? What kind of product are you providing? –  Chris Prince Jan 7 '14 at 1:03

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With Non-Renewable Subscriptions you need to manage it yourself, on your server. Once you verify a receipt with Apple, the ball is in your court to calculate and maintain the expiration date. As an example, there's nothing stopping you from selling 1-month subscriptions but giving every one an extra week since you're calculating your own expiration date. Also beware that now you have to sync the subscription across all their device. With ARS you could use restoreCompletedTransactions to extend a subscription to a person's new device. But with NRS, Apple requires you to implement a user account system with username and password to allow a user to log in (to your server) and extend their subscription to a new device.

With NRS you have more power but you also have a lot more responsibility.

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