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I have an existing app I had to update, and I decided to support iPhone 5 on it. To do that, I made a new splashscreen and checked all my xibs to fit the new size.

As the update is released, I wanted to check it. But when I update my already installed app, I have a large white strip at the bottom my iPhone 4: Already installed app and then updated, on iPhone 4

For a newly installed app on iPhone 4 or 5 it's ok, the tabBar is at the bottom of the screen.

Except this white strip, the app is entirely functional.

The tabBarController is defined in my MainWindow.xib: tabBarController definition

Is there something I missed?

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Are you using Autolayout in interface builder (Under File Inspector)? I was having similar issues with my app when I updated it to support the iPhone 5. Performing a clean install did the trick for me but similarly that wouldn't work for pre-existing users. Unselect this option and Use the size inspector to align objects (and/or) resize them using autosizing.

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I'm not using AutoLayout cause I need the app to be compatible with ios 5.1. – Imotep Jan 23 '13 at 13:03

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