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I am using AVPlayer for playing audio file on iphone.

What I want is, when I stop playing audio at certain time and again start playing it then audio should start from the point where I had stopped playing it.

Anyone know how to achieve this with AVPlayer?

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If you want to play at same time without closing app then use this code

AVAudioPlayer *player;

[player pause];

and after that

[player play];

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to find out where you are in a track when play pauses

time = CMTimeGetSeconds(self.av_Player.currentTime);
[self.av_Player pause];

then to jump to that position again

newTime = CMTimeMakeWithSeconds(time, 6000);
toleranceVal = CMTimeMakeWithSeconds(0.1, 6000);
[self.av_Player seekToTime:newTime toleranceBefore:toleranceVal toleranceAfter:toleranceVal];
[self.av_Player play];
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