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I have a webinterface that runs on bottle.py. What I wan't to do is pop up a small notification on the website if certain things happen.

I'm not sure of how to tell the client that something happend.

Should I just poll for it or is there a more elegant way ?

Since I want the notifications to appear in a timely manner i would have to poll at least every second and that sounds like a lot of load for the webserver just for notifications.

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You could look at web sockets. Other than that you would have to poll – Joe Doherty Jan 23 '13 at 11:56
That does look exactly like what I was searching for...Thank you ! – pypat Jan 23 '13 at 12:02
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As mentionned by Joe Doherty, websockets is a solution. You may be ineterested by bottle-tornadosocket in order to run bottle on top of the Tornado web server. I didn't try myself but it looks interesting.

However, websocket may not be available for all browsers. Using long-polling is another solution. In this case, I would recommend to look at tornadio which should be possible to use together with bottle.

I hope it helps

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