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I need to show a camera preview in a java application. I am using DirectShow natively and using JNA as a bridge between Java and C++. I have a few questions regarding this :-

1) In DirectShow I can either use Sample Grabber to take the raw bytes or use capture graph in window or windowless mode . Which approach should be better provided that I want to show the preview in a Java applet.

2) How this rendering information be sent to the java side ? -- Do i need to run a timer on the java side and consistently ask for frame from native code ? or -- Should I get the native window handle of the java window and pass it to the directShow to paint on it directly ?

I am pretty new to Java,JNA/JNI and direct show. Please let me know what would be the right approach and how to go about it ?

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It'll likely be more efficient to pass the window handle to the native code (JNA provides a Native.getWindowHandle() function). If you use a buffer, you'll need to translate that buffer into a format usable by Java2d, which will probably be a non-trivial operation. – technomage Jan 24 '13 at 2:26
Is you source open? I'd like to see it since I need to do the same. I'm using JNI and use videoInput but I want to port to JNA and avoid c++. – Peter Quiring Aug 17 '13 at 1:24

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